Why are you doing this raffle?
Happy Raffle! So.. the team put me in charge of running this raffle in order to accomplish two goals: One, to create an exciting and fun environment that will make you burst into happiness with our most awesomeness raffle in the world. And Two, to get a ridiculous amount of users to like our Facebook page so we can reach out to billions of cool people around the world to tell them how cool our services are!!! That's all..

How did you come with the idea for the raffle?
Now, I've been thinking for a long time (10 min.) about how to do this raffle with a budget that is very small (that's what she said). I was thinking of doing a one time raffle for a iPod Nano, but then it hit me! Personally, I've never won any thing from any raffle I've ever participated in! So instead of a single awesome prize, I'm doing multiple small awesome prizes so that more people can win and be happy!

How does the raffle work?
So.. every time we get 1000 new Facebook Likes, we'll do a raffle draw on Youtube. In each raffle draw, there will be three prizes, and three lucky winners.

How do I participate in the raffle?
To enter the raffle, you need to like our Facebook page, and the cool thing is that you'll always be automatically entered into each raffle so you have more changes to win! To receive the prize, you need to be at least 18 years old, or have a legal parent/guardian receive the prize.

What happens if I win?
If you're the winner, we'll contact you through facebook message, and ask for the address we can mail your prize to.

When is the next raffle draw?
Our next raffle draw will be posted on Youtube exactly 24 hours after we reach 1000 Facebook Likes.