Why Choose us
We don’t let users upload their designs, we don’t use scripts to generate cover designs on the fly, and we don’t just publish any covers we create. We are a handful of experienced graphic designers that work in and out to create Facebook Covers that you’ll enjoy.
We love Facebook, we love designing, and we love knowing that you enjoy and use our Facebook Covers even more. Every cover is designed with the right photo selection, photo correction, and carefully designed. Use our Facebook Covers and be happy!
When you suggest a Facebook Cover design, you are not gonna have to wait a week to get the cover you want. Once we get notified of your suggestions, our designers jump in front of their monitors, and sweat blood and tears to whip out your cover in less than 48 hours!
You’ve read it right! All this design experience, love for design, and lightning quick turn arounds for FREE. Why? Because it’s fun to make you happy. So please support us by liking our FB page, following our Twitter, and letting your family and friends know :)